Samuel Trask Dana Building

(Formerly West Medical Building)


Construction Started:  1901

Building Finished:  1903

Architects:  Spier & Rohn

Cost:  167,000


Housed Departments: 



Building History:



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East Hall


Construction Started:

Building Finished:




Housed Departments: Mathematics, Psychology



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School of Education Building

(Formerly University High School and University Elementary)


Construction Started:  1922

Building Finished:  1924 (University High); 1930 (University Elementary)

Architects:   Perkins, Fellows, Hamilton (University High);

Malcolmson & Higginbotham (University Elementary)



Housed Departments:  School of Education


Building History:


          In 1922 construction began on the current structure, which was planned originally as a three-part structure housing a high school, an elementary school, and classrooms and offices for the School of Education.  University High School was completed on schedule and opened in September 1924.  University Elementary School was begun in 1929 and completed (in a reduced size) in 1930.  But the stock market crash of 1929 ushered in the most severe economic depression the country had ever faced, and due to a lack of funds the School of Education section was never constructed.  Its proposed site, just north of the existing building, now is the site of the new School of Social Work Building.

          Since the School of Education section was never built most School of Education offices continued to be housed in nearby Tappan Hall, the original home of the School of Education.  The education classes were held in Tappan Hall and on the fourth floor of the high school.  The School of Education remained in this state until 1968 when the University School (University High and University Elementary were combined in 1955 to create the University School) was shut down.  In 1969, the building was renovated to accommodate the School of Education where it has resided ever since.


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·       Educational Studies


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IRIS (Information Resources and Instructional Support)


IRIS provides the School of Education with a variety of services ranging from delivery of audiovisual devices to checkout of equipment and text-based materials to application training.









President’s House


Construction Started: 1839

Building Finished: 1840

Architects: Not Available

Cost: ~7,712.00


Building History:


The President’s House was one of  the first four buildings built on the Ann Arbor campus site.  When the University of Michigan moved to its current location of Ann Arbor in 1837, the only existing buildings were those belonging to the former occupants of the area. These structures were torn down and the Board of Regents authorized a plan for the first four buildings that were to be constructed on the new site.  The construction of these buildings began in 1839 and they were apparently completed in the summer of 1840.  These buildings were built exclusively for the use of the University Professors.  The President’s House has been the home to a variety of notable Michiganders since its 1840 construction.  Dwellers from 1840 to 1870 include Presidents Tappan, Haven and Angell, and Governor Alpheus Felch.  The building has served as the home of most University Presidents, with the only exception being Harry Hutchins who was president from 1909 to 1920.  The building continues to serve as the official home of the President to this day and the first and second stories of the central section constitute the oldest structure still standing on the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus.


The house has seen numerous physical alterations over the years.

·       1863 to 1869, a third story was added to the building, as well as a kitchen wing.

·       1871, a hot air furnace was installed.

·       1891, the house was wired for electricity, it had been lit by gas since 1858.

·       1891, a library wing was added to the western side of the house.

·       1920, a sun porch, garage were added and the kitchen was extended.


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