Protect your landscaping and hardscapes from the severe damage water can cause.

Water Barriers
WB, 24, WB 36, WB 48
Made of extremely tough yet light-weight polyethylene DeepRoot ® Water Barriers manage subterranean water movement and are ideal for preventing water damage to hardscapes and planting areas such as:
  • curbing and sidewalks 
  • roads 
  • foundations 
  • driveways 
  • traffic islands 
  • cart and bike paths 
The smooth plastic can be formed into any shape or size. Strategically positioned or sealed to hardscapes these barriers can be used to corral or redirect subterranean water movement and surface run-off. Each water barrier is .030" thick and comes in a 300' roll. Available in 24, 36 and 48 inch heights. DeepRoot sealant tape is included with Water Barrier.

WB 24, WB 36, WB 48 Uses:
  • Prevent snow, ice and saltwater run-off from polluting planting areas adjacent to roadways and parking areas. 
  • Controls run-off, preventing hardscape damage. 
  • Prevents irrigation water from percolating under pavement. 
  • Water corral for planting areas that prevents pavement damage and saves water. 
Water Barrier Dimensions:
WB 24: 24" X 300' Roll
WB 36: 36" X 300' Roll
WB 48: 48" X 300' Roll
Material and Manufacturing Process:
  • Polyethylene of 0.030" (0.76 mm) thickness 
  • Recyclable sheet material 
ASTM Test Method
Value High Density Polyethylene
Tensile stress @ yield
4100 PSI
Elongation @ break
Tensile modulus of elasticity ï Controls run-off, preventing
130,000 PSI
Flexural stiffness, cantilever beam
125,000 PSI
Tensile impact
50 Ft. Lbs/in2
Environmental stress crack resistance
1 hr.
Hardness, Shore D

Cuts at any measured length with utility knife
Up to 300 linear feet without the need for a seam
Joins vertically or horizontally with sealant tape
Adheres to hardscape surface edges with silicone sealant
Additional depths with vertical use or horizontal overlapping
WB 24 Approximately 98 pounds per roll
WB 36 Approximately 147 pounds per roll
WB 48 Approximately 196 pounds per roll

Caution: The DeepRoot Water Barrier will not turn tree roots downward for subsequent lateral growth, which firmly anchors the tree. If the water barrier is to be used near a tree a local arborist should be consulted.

Typical Single Depth Installation

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