Michigan Trees

Trees growing in and around a city provide many benefits.  Trees provide a natural beauty  unable to be achieved any other way.  The same trees provide a home for small animals.  In some instances, trees can provide a blanket of cooler air.  Depending on the age of the trees, some cities may be able to lower the carbon dioxide levels surrounding them.

I have provided links listing the names of native trees in Southern Michigan and discussion of ways to improve the longevity of native trees.

Native Plants: A list of native trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, ferns, and grass in the region of Ann Arbor.

                                                                        Yellow Birch

Tree's Longevity:  This article describes how native trees and provenance lead to increased

Structural Soil:  Cornell University's approach of preparing soil underneath pavement that
                            improves street tree growth.

Recipe:  Cornell University's recommendation of soil profile for growing trees.

Invasive Trees:  A list of invasive trees identified in the Ann Arbor region.

                                                                                       Norway Maple