Sidewalks Buffered

The project area comprises the Bromley Subdivision bounded by
Plymouth Rd, Nixon Rd, Prairie Rd, and Bluett Rd.

The area in green is Bromley Subdivision.  Bromley's total size is 46.39 acres.

The digitized feature shown below are the public sidewalks.  Sidewalks are defined by the city under Chapter 49 Section 4:51 as:
"(1) 'Sidewalk' shall mean any concrete or bituminous walkway, or walkway of other materials constructed in the public right of way and designed particularly for pedestrian, bicycle, or other non-motorized travel."

Although sidewalks are public property owned by the city government, each homeowner with adjacent property next to the sidewalks are responsible for the maintenance of that section of the sidewalk.  City code states the owners' responsibilities in Chapter 49 Section 4:56 and Section 4:59--

Section 4:56  "The City Council may, by Resolution require the owners of
                      lots and premises to construct, rebuild or repair sidewalks in
                      the public right of way adjacent to and abutting upon such
                      lots and premises, and shall specify in said Resolution the
                      material to be used for said sidewalks."

Section 4:59  "If the Director shall determine that the condition of any
                      sidewalk is such that immediate repair is necessary to protect
                      the public, he shall immediately proceed to repair the same
                      without notice to the owner of the land abutting thereon or
                      adjacent thereto. The cost of such emergency repairs shall be
                      charged against the land which said sidewalk adjoins and the
                      owner of said land, and shall be collected as a single lot
                      assessment as provided in Section 1:292 of this Code."

To prevent sidewalk damage from tree roots, the sidewalks will be
buffered based on DBH.  The buffered zones will show safe areas to plant trees.

The total area for sidewalks is 1.72 acres.
The percentage of the total surface equals 3.71 %.

The next several images will show the buffered area for each sidewalk.  I used a buffer area of a 2-foot zone, 5-foot zone, and 10-foot zone.  The total area buffered is shown below each image.

Sidewalks with 2-foot zone:

The total area for 2-foot zone is 3.52 acres.
The percentage of the total surface equals 7.59 %.

Sidewalks with 5-foot zone:

The total area for 5-foot zone is 6.46 acres.
The percentage of the total surface equals 13.93 %.

Sidewalks with 10-foot zone:

The total area for 10-foot zone is 11.46 acres.
The percentage of the total surface equals 24.70 %.