Although trees provide many benefits to the City of Ann Arbor, they also have the potential to be destructive to manmade structures such as sidewalks and foundation.  Tree roots cause damage  through penetration of concrete structures and by the upward movement of concrete material causing fracture.

The analysis of this GIS project, Critical Root Zone, will show safe areas to plant trees to prevent the destructive nature of tree roots based on a tree's diameter at breast height (DBH) as provided by the City of Ann Arbor.  The city's code provides the definition for critical root zone and the definition for DBH.

The objective of this project is to provide the audience the zones of safe areas to plant trees depending on the tree's diameter at DBH.  I have taken the project a step further.  I provided data to supplement the city and its residents with methods to plant trees so the roots grow downward to prevent sidewalk destruction and foundations.   Recently, numerous studies have been conducted for technical considerations for street tree planting, i.e. "critical root zone."   In addition, several contractors can correct root damage as well as apply techniques to plant trees to prevent root damage.



     Again, I will state that I do not support or recommend any of the methods in this report or other reports.  It is my intent to provide the audience with addition information so they can make a judgment.