Determine the correct number of panels to be used. Depending upon the actual planting plan and the number of trees involved the length of linear barrier will vary, but as a general rule of thumb take the anticipated mature canopy diameter of the tree and add 2 feet (61cm). This will be the number of feet necessary for a Linear style planting application. (See chart below.)

A. Choose the barrier that best suits the application. Generally if a sidewalk, patio or driveway is to be protected, 18" (46cm) (UB 18-2) is sufficient depth with 12" (30cm) (UB 12-2) as an alternate choice for non-aggressive, deeper rooting trees. However for curb and gutter protection or more agressive roots 24" (61cm) (UB 24-2) is generally the better choice.

B. Dig the trench to the depth based upon the particular barrier chosen.

C. Next place the barrier in the trench with the vertical ribs facing toward the tree and align in a straight fashion. It is helpful to place the barrier against the hardscape. Use the hardscape as a guide and backfill against the barriers to promote a clean smooth fit to the hardscape. Be sure to keep the barrier's double top edge at least 1/2" (13mm) above grade to ensure roots do not grow over the top.

D. Plant the tree(s). The Linear style offers a more expansive rooting growth area, however, adverse soil and drainage conditions may exist in the actual planting area. Take steps to ensure healthy growth of the tree at planting. Consult with a local Arborist for planting tips and recommendations.

E. If staking and guying is required we recommend using the soft, safe and economical alternative to traditional wire and hose, ArborTie. If the tree(s) will be subject to maintenance work such as lawn mowing or weed trimming we strongly recommend the installation of an ArborGard+ Tree Trunk Protector which is placed around the base of young trees to protect them from damage by weed trimmers, lawn mowers and small rodents.

For additional information please consult the 16 page DeepRoot Specification and Installation Guide.

For information regarding distributors please call: 1 800 ILV ROOT (458.7668). For help with difficult drainage or other difficult installation questions please call DeepRoot Technical Support at: 1 800 ROOT TEK (766.8835).

For a simple formula to determine the quantity of panels required for a Linear application use:
Estimated Diameter of the Tree Canopy at Maturity + 2' (61cm) = Length of Barrier per Side.

As little as one side of the tree may need barrier for root direction as there may be no hardscape elsewhere requiring protection.


LB 12-2 40 panels (80' linear ft)/carton

UB 18-2 26 panels (52' linear ft)/carton

UB 24-2 20 panels (40' linear ft)/carton

Line can be separated at any two foot interval.

For One Side of Tree
Expected Tree 
Canopy at Maturity
Number of Feet of
Linear Barrier
Number of Panels
12' (3.6m) Diameter +2' (61cm) =
14' (4.2m)
7 Panels
18' (5.5m) Diameter +2' (61cm) =
20' (6.1m)
10 Panels
24' (7.3m) Diameter +2' (61cm) =
26' (7.9m)
13 Panels

DeepRoot Barrier LB 12-2, UB 18-2 or UB 24-2