Critical Root Zone

I have undertaken a prototype project to demonstrate the use of GIS so landowners and city officials can determine a safe zone to plant trees.  The need of a safe zone for planting is to prevent damage to sidewalks and building structures from tree roots. The objective of this project is to identify the critical root zones of trees.  The guideline used for critical root zone follows the City of Ann Arbor's ordinance.

Ms. Sandra Arlinghaus is my advisor for this project.  I take all responsibility for any information that may be incorrect or misleading.

The report will discuss the following topics:

This report will list methods to control root zones as well as products.  I do not recommend or support any type of method or product that is contained in this report.  My intent is to provide some information about critical root zones along with some methods and products available to control damage from tree roots and promote the use of healthy trees (native) in urban areas.