Protect your trees and saplings from string trimmers, mowers and small rodents.

Tree Trunk Protector- AG 9-4
A very common cause of death to young trees is the damage caused by string trimmers, lawn mowers and rodents. Patented ArborGard+ ® is scientifically designed to prevent such injury. 

Made in a natural shade with ultra-violet inhibitors ArborGard+ will expand as the tree grows. And unlike other tree trunk guards ArborGard+ will never lose its shape in the sun. 

ArborGard+ has the optimum size holes to protect against rodents, prevent insect infestation and bark rot. In addition it allows the tree to breathe and prevents sun scald once the ArborGard+ is removed. 

Easy to install ArborGard+ is 9" high and protects trunks up to 4" in diameter. For larger trees simply join two or more ArborGard+ together.

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AG 9-4 Uses:
-Tree trunk protector to preventdamage from trimmers, mowers,and rodents.
Height 9" with a 4" diameter
Product Material
-Polyethylene of 0.060" (1.52 mm) thickness
-25% Post-consumer recycled plastic
Provides maximum protection from string trimmers, mowers and small rodents
Expands with tree growth
Will not lose shape in the hottest sun
Single protector fits trunks up to 4" diameter
Join two together for larger trees
Holes allow bark to breathe and conditions tree to prevent sun scald
U.S. Design Patent 329,296

100 Units per carton
16 pounds per carton
For retail packaging information call 800.458.7668

Installation Instructions:
For Sapling Trees
Uncoil and place around base of tree.
For complete protection be sure flared end is touching the ground.
For Mature Trees
To couple two or more ArborGard+ together push the tabs through the second ArborGard+ from the inside so the tabs show on the outside as illustrated.

ArborGard+ AG 9-4

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