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We recently received this very disturbing email from a drive-thru worker at a Fazoli's restaurant who was upset over the bad rap Fazoli's drive-thru got in our "Bad' section. This is presented exactly as was received; note the poor spelling, grammer, and difficulty this person has in carrying out a simple task, which is his JOB. Maybe he should find a new one...

name: Fazolis drive throu operater
company: Fazolis

comments: I am a Fazolis employe responding to the slander of a previous righter to this zone I run a drive throuth during the lunch rush at fazolis and it is a dificult jub to perform without the guests making it wors. For exampil during lunch rush on a daly basis I will have sevin cars in my line witch hapins to be the limit. Now for eatch of theas cars I take thare orders and bag their food witch concists of geting bred stiks, drinks, salids, pizza, and diserts . All the wile I am taking and giving change and taking orders all at the same time. I must comunicate specail orders to the cooks as well as the manigers, all wile trying to keap the line of sevin cars moving quickly. It is a vary stresful job with little pay and I dont knead people ading on to thare orders or changing them at the window . With all the confushion and husil that I go through in a day It is a wonder that enny one gets food. We do provid Itomised receapts that tell how mutch eatch individual dish cost. would you rather me get confused and totaly start pasing out the rong food all out of order. Because I know you would be a hole lot haper to get back to your ofic and find that you dont have the right food."talking sarkastikly" In conclution we have menny more satisfied costimers than we have disgruntiled ones so if you have a limited understanding of the workings of a drive throu we dont want your busines.

Ps. I have worked other fast food chane drive through windows and they arnt all set up the same at Taco Bell all they have to do is take the order make drinks if you want them and take your money. someone els does the baging . same with burger king and micdonalds hads two people working its drive throughs. In conclushion you shoud be kind to people that make the food that you eat . YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN WE WILL GO POSTAL ON YOUR ASS.

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