Site Plan Changes--Planning Department File

1) Concrete driveway opening

2) Building entry ramp detail

3) Heavy duty concrete

4) Law screen wall detail

5) Standard Bituminous pavement section

6) Typical integral walk and curb

7) Trash area plan

8) Pole fixture detail "Type A"

9)Bicycle parking layout

Construction Sequence
May 1999-May 2000 Soil erosion controls & natural features protection measures
Prior To Construction --identify construction limits--install silt fence--install 4 inch snow fence
Strip and Mass Grade Sites --maintain existing controls--hydroseed seed& mat. greater than 3:1--remove pavement&miscellaneous items
Construct Utilities --maintain existing controls
Pave lot, Install Curbs --install sediment basin filler--maintain existing controls
Fine Grade Site, Install Sidewalk --seed and mulch mat. greater than 3:1--plant trees--maintain existing controls
Cleanup Site --re-sod or seed and mulch areas that have not taken--maintain existing controls
After distributed Areas Have Stable Vegetation --remove silt fence--remove stone filter
Pavement Summary Existing Impervious Area------  ---------------------------------------- =22,425 sf
. Less Existing Pavement Removal--------------------------------------- = 7, 035 sf
. Net Total Impervious Area----------------------------------------------=15,309 sf
Proposed Impervious Area Building------------------------------------------------------------------ =274 sf
. Pavement---------------------------------------------------------------- =13,495 sf
. Total--------------------------------------------------------------------- =13,769 sf
Note: Storm water detention is not required. Proposed Impervious area does not exceed 15,000 sf. Bankfull detention basin has been supplied for the new parking lot.