Site Analysis---Information from the Planning Department File

1) Existing building is presently vacant, present parking not utilized.

2) Inventory of site conditions

--Natural features--none present

--Soil type--MMB, Miami Loam 2 to 8 %, per soil survey of Washtenaw County

--Site vegetation--there are no woodlands or landmark trees on site. Scrub/shrubs toward the rear of the site will be removed within the limits of proposed grading.

--Topography--existing site parking drains gradually from west to east the rear third portion of the property contains a man-made slope which rises from east to west.

3) Existing structures--site contains an abandoned restaurant building

4) Existing proposed access points--existing vehicular access drives will be reused north and south of the building, pedestrian access is by way of Stadium Blvd.

5) Existing and proposed utility connections--sanitary, water and storm will not be affected. Adjustments to gas, electric, phone and site lighting will be addressed.

6) Existing and proposed draining: cannot be read off the revised site plan.


Natural Features

Wetlands--none present

Woodlands--none present

Landmark Trees--none present

Steep slope--none present--man-made condition