Planning Department (Fazoli Site, File No. 9303M5.9)

April 20, 1999: The The Ann Arbor City Planning Commission approved the Fazoli's Italian Restaurant Site Plan.

Description of Petition

The petitioner proposes to convert an existing vacant Restaurant building into a sit down/carry out Italian restaurant. The proposal calls for a 120-square foot addition to the rear of the existing building. The petitioner also proposes to reconfigure the existing driveway pattern by adding a landscaped island at the rear of the building to accommodate the drive-through traffic. A total of 15 parking spaces will be added (31 required, 48 proposed to the rear of the site). Ten of the parking spaces will be compact. Twenty-two parking spaces will be provided in the sloped, vegetated area at the rear of the site. Four bicycles spaces will be provided. The petitioner has proposed providing sidewalks and pedestrian crosswalks to increase pedestrian safety on the site.

A shared access drive is proposed to be constructed between the Fazoli's site and the Arbor Farms site to the south (also owned by the petitioner). This drive would allow Fazoli's patrons directly onto Stadium Boulevard through the Fazoli's site. The petitioner will provide a shared access easement. The petitioner also proposes to amend the Arbor Farms site plan to show this access drive.

Additional landscaping materials will be provide, including seven ash trees. A new masonry screen wall will be added between the parking lot on the east side of the building and the Stadium Boulevard right-of-way.

A traffic impact study was conducted for this proposal, which found that the project will not increase congestion at the Stadium Boulevard/Liberty Street intersection.

Storm water detention is not required since the petitioner is not proposing to add more than 15,000 square feet of new impervious surface.

**The previous section was from the planning department's file.