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the bad: Fazoli's

My daughter, grandson and I visited the Fazoli's (Italian fast food) store in Conway, AR on 06-10-99. The employees all had scowls on their faces especially when it took a while for me to decide what I wanted. From the time they took our order until we left the atmosphere was so tense it was hard to eat. The food was substandard and when the clerk came around and asked if we wanted more bread sticks I asked if they had any that were cooked any browner. Without even looking at me she said in a smart tone "this is the way we cook them". The ice machine was empty the whole time we were there and we had to take our cups to the front for ice. It is not as if they were short handed because they were not. We have been treated the same way at the drive-in window. This will be the last time we go to that store. We will also make sure all of our friends and family stop going too.

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