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the bad: Fazoli's

Had a *wonderful* (begin sarcastic tone here) experience at a fast food eatery today during lunch. Being the nice guy I am, when I leave my office for lunch, I usually ask around to see if anyone else would like for me to pick them something up also. I normally leave for lunch with the orders for 2 - 4 co-workers. NEVER had a problem with multiple orders at any fast food chains (Wendy's, Hardee's, McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, Long John Silver's or Captain D's) I regularly patronize, until today.

Today I went to Fazoli's (an Italian fast food place) with 3 separate orders. When I pulled up to the speaker to place my order, I was informed they would not allow a multiple order from a single vehicle. I was also informed they could separate it on the receipt, but I would still have to pay for the entire order in a lump sum. Well, I immediately copped an attitude, but I didn't take it out on the girl over the speaker. I merely place one, single order for one co-worker and left it at that. However, in the meantime, between getting to the window to pay and actually being handed my order, something snapped. I politely asked the girl taking orders to bring the manager to the window, which she promptly did. The conversation, to the best of my memory, went as follows:

Me - Excuse me, but why does your establishment refuse to accept multiple orders from a single vehicle?

Him - It's corporate policy, handed down from corporate headquarters, and there's nothing I can do about that.

Me - Do me a favor, will ya?

Him - If it's within my power, sure.

Me - Tell your corporate supervisors that they just lost two thirds of a sale (about $12) because of their asinine policy. Furthermore, this will be my LAST visit to this establishment and if it's within MY power, this establishment will receive the poorest recommendation I can muster to anyone who asks me.

Him - Is there anything else, sir?

Me - Yeah...have a nice day.

Now, had I been dealing with any other fast food chain, I'd have probably left the pick up window with, at the very least, a certificate for a free meal or sandwich, but this poor excuse for a manager didn't even offer me a 'Sorry for the inconvenience.'

Perhaps I overreacted, but I've never encountered this ANYWHERE else. My co-workers and I rarely have exact change, and mostly pay for our individual orders with $5 & $10 bills. It's a major pain to try and divvy up how much who paid for what and everyone come out even.

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