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the good: Fazoli's

This is in response to the complaint about Fazoli's policy reguarding limited separate orders in the drive-thru. As a former employee of Fazoli's, I feel that I am in a position to explain the reasoning behind the policy. It all has to do with the order taking system (at least in the restaurant where I worked). When an order is taken, it appears on a computer screen along with all the other orders that have been taken. The screen on the steamline (where the food is made) can hold about ten orders at a time. However, the screen on the drive-thru can only hold four orders (that's how many cars could fit in the drive-thru line where I worked). If more that about two orders are taken for one car, drive-thru can get backed up. The workers can't see some of the later orders until the current ones are cleared, and they can't be cleared until they have been payed for. Taking several orders for one car backs up the whole drive-thru. When you've been working all day with a head-set digging into your skull, you don't have much sympathy for the guy whose too lazy to make change.

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