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the good: Fazoli's

I had encountered Fazoli's for the first time yesterday in Lakewood, NY, and all I can say is WOW!

I had gone through the drive thru to place a multiple order of four for my place of work. Typically, I would go inside to take out an order of four, and I was a bit guilty about going through drive thru, as I expected it to be a hassle for them.

Never have I been greeted with such enthusiasm in a drive thru! The host, 'Jeff' had not only greeted me with extreme enthusiasm, but was completely fine with my taking of four orders! Today I stopped in again for my co-workers, again in drive thru, and again, the same enthusiasm from a short young man with wild blond hair! I was incredibly impressed. To show my wife, I came for dinner with my family, and -again- a friendly greeting from 'Don'! I think I found my new favorite restaraunt!!!!

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