Commission Member States Secretariat Details
Limpopo River Commission Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe No joint secretariat
Rotating Council meetings
  • Draft Agreement in terms of the SADC protocol not ratified yet
  • Aims:  Equitable distribution, sustainable development for member states, protection, monitoring, collecting data, emergency systems, flood control, measures to settle disputes between contracting parties
  • Structure:  the council may establish ad hoc working groups, and may appoint technical eperts for advice.


World Resources Institute Database:
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           Map 2: Freshwater Fish Species and Endemism
 Map 3: Endemic Bird Areas
 Map 4: Aridity
 Map 5: Population Density
 Map 6: Water Availability
 Map 7: Modified Landscape (Cropland and Developed Areas)
 Map 8: Cropland Irrigation
 Map 9: Existing and Proposed Major Dams
 Map 10: Remaining Original Forest Cover
 Map 11: Extent of Original Forest Cover Lost
 Map 12: Area Affected by Water Erosion
 Map 13: Urban Population Growth (1995-2000)
 Map 14: Tropical Deforestation (1980-1990)
 Map 15: Protected Areas

Original maps made using the World Resources Institute Database and ArcView GIS, version 3.1, with Spatial Analyst Extension, X-Tools, 3-D Analyst Extension.