Commission Member States Secretariat Details
Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du Fleuve Gambie (OMVG) Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau M. Nassirou Diallo
Executive Secretary
BP 23 53
Dakar, Senegal
ph:   ++221-8223159
fax:  ++221-8225926
  • Founded in 1978 by senegal and Gambia (Guinea since 1981; Guinea-Bissau since 1983)
  • Keeping of the Convention
  • Promotion of coordination among member states.



World Resources Institute Database:
Links to .pdf files mapped by WRI

           Map 2: Freshwater Fish Species and Endemism

 Map 3: Endemic Bird Areas
 Map 4: Aridity
 Map 5: Population Density
 Map 6: Water Availability
 Map 7: Modified Landscape (Cropland and Developed Areas)
 Map 8: Cropland Irrigation
 Map 9: Existing and Proposed Major Dams
 Map 10: Remaining Original Forest Cover
 Map 11: Extent of Original Forest Cover Lost
 Map 12: Area Affected by Water Erosion
 Map 13: Urban Population Growth (1995-2000)
 Map 14: Tropical Deforestation (1980-1990)
 Map 15: Protected Areas



Original maps made using the World Resources Institute Database and ArcView GIS, version 3.1, with Spatial Analyst Extension, X-Tools, 3-D Analyst Extension.