Seventeen Primary Watersheds.
Base map from World Resources Institute website.
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Basin Name, numbered to fit with map above. Country names intersecting each basin (note that basins do NOT follow political boundaries). Basin Commissions associated with each river basin.
  1.  Oued Draa River a a
  2.  Senegal River a a
  3.  Niger River Basin a a
  4.  Volta River a a
  5.  Lake Chad a a
  6.  Nile River a a
  7.  Turkana River a a
  8.  Jubba River a a
  9.  Shaballe River a a
10. Ogooue River
11. Congo River a a
12. Zambesi River a a
13. Okavango Swamp a a
14. Limpopo River a a
15. Orange River a a
16. Mania River a a
17. Mangoky River a a