Member States and Comment
Okavango River Basin Commission (Okacom)

SADC states

Botswana, Namibia, Angola

Very little known about development of Cubango and Cuito in Angola since civil war.  One dam in ephermeral Omatako river in Namibia to supply Windhoek.  Major diversions from Okavango to Namibia will be necessary by 2005.  One dam in Botswana to supply Orapa diamond mine.  Proposed development plans in Botswana shelved after critical IUCN report 1992.  Permanent tripartite commission established 1994.

No joint secretariat
Okacom meets once or twice per year, the location of the meetings rotates
Founded in 1991 as bilateral commission between Botswana and Namibia

Angola member since 1994

Aims:  protection of the Okavango River especially the river delta in North Botswana, fair water distribution between member states