Commission Member States Secretariat Details
Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du Fleuve Senegal (OMVS) Senegal, Mali, Mauretanien (since 1992 cooperation with Guinea) M. Cheickna Seydi Ahamadi
OMVS High Commissioner
46, Rue Carnot
ph:   ++221-823 45 30
fax:  ++2218220163
  • Founded in 1972
  • Activities:  cartography of the basin, hydrology, navigation, joint planning, energy projects


World Resources Institute Database:
Links to .pdf files mapped by WRI

           Map 2: Freshwater Fish Species and Endemism

 Map 3: Endemic Bird Areas
 Map 4: Aridity
 Map 5: Population Density
 Map 6: Water Availability
 Map 7: Modified Landscape (Cropland and Developed Areas)
 Map 8: Cropland Irrigation
 Map 9: Existing and Proposed Major Dams
 Map 10: Remaining Original Forest Cover
 Map 11: Extent of Original Forest Cover Lost
 Map 12: Area Affected by Water Erosion
 Map 13: Urban Population Growth (1995-2000)
 Map 14: Tropical Deforestation (1980-1990)
 Map 15: Protected Areas

Original maps made using the World Resources Institute Database and ArcView GIS, version 3.1, with Spatial Analyst Extension, X-Tools, 3-D Analyst Extension.