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An Experiment in Community Systems Environments

Organizations that cut across neighborhoods may have the capability to communicate at a level different from, and in addition to, homeowners associations and other individual organizations. Linkage of local groups, into watersheds of human activity, may offer community leaders ways of overlaying information. 

 Community leaders might include (but certainly are not limited to): Homeowners associations with frontage on Huron Parkway; Environmental groups; Business groups along Huron Parkway; Concerned individuals. 

 Friends of Huron Parkway is an electronic organization, focused on communication among readers; typically, a homeowners association or other reader might have one or a few people who regularly check the website and pass along matters of interest to the neighborhood. Indeed, these concerned individuals might also contribute material to the website. 


Founded (July, 9 1996).

Internet: sarhaus@umich.edu


  • North East Area Plan for the City of Ann Arbor, April 25, 1989.

  • Entire text.


  • North East Area Plan for the City of Ann Arbor, April 25, 1989.

  • Entire set of figures.


  • Huron Parkway

  • Materials associated with original bond issue; actions of City Council, and so forth.
  • Huron Parkway, Curb Cuts

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  • Bromley Homeowners Association

  • Link to archives of the Bromley Homeowners Association

     Documents from the Washtenaw County Drain Commissioner's Office, concerning the Mallett's Creek Sub-watershed

  • Boundary of Sub-watershed.
  • Detail of map; southwest portion of sub-watershed.
  • Detail of map; entry of creek into Huron River.
  • Text; page 32. Mallett's Creek: Background; Physical Assessment.
  • Text, continuation of above. Biological Assessment; Summary.
  • Mallett's Creek Physical Characteristics; Table 8 in Drain Commission document.
  • Map of creek, showing where it runs in pipes.
  • Legend for map to follow.
  • Map showing most severly eroded banks adjacent to stream; table above gives text citation to numerals marking evidence of erosion or other damage to creek or banks. Generally, the darker the shading next to the creek, the more severe the problem.
  • Ann Arbor Citizens for the Rehabilitation of Mallett's Creek

  • Statement of Jesse Gordon to Ann Arbor City Planning Commission, July 15, 1996.


  • Ann Arbor News article, Friday, August 8, 1997. Concerning proposed condo complex, east side of Huron Parkway.

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