Status of HIV/AIDS:
Epidemiology and Treatment

Cases of AIDS virus infection in the United States first appeared during the middle and late 1970's. The lengthy incubation period of the virus indicates that infection with the AIDS virus had actually begun occurring several years previously, possibly around 1970 or before. As of now, the cumulative number of AIDS cases in the United States is at 612,078, the great majority of which are male(83%). An increasing number of women and infants are being infected in a disproportionate amount in black and Hispanic communities. The epidemic has affected all regions of the country, both urban and rural. AIDS has become the leading cause of death among all Americans aged 25 to 44.

*In 1992 heterosexual transmission became the leading cause of HIV infection in women.
*AIDS is now the leading killer of men and women aged 25-44...
*One American dies from AIDS every 11 minutes...
*As many as 80,000 children in the U.S. will be left motherless in the next five years because of AIDS. Women and minorities are the largest groups now contracting HIV, according to figures released by the federal Center for Disease Control (CDC) in April 1996.
*The elderly are the invisible population of persons with HIV/AIDS in the U.S. By the end of 1995, 10% of all AIDS cases reported to the CDC from throughout the nation were among persons aged 50 or over, with fully 25% occurring in individuals aged 60 or older. Even more surprising, the increase in the rate of HIV infection among the aging population actually outpaced the increase in the rate of infection among those aged 20 and under. Moreover, the CDC believes the statistics on HIV/AIDS among the elderly are low, because the disease is frequently overlooked or misdiagnosed in them by doctors.
(statistics from the Center for Disease Control)
Basic statistics for the United States
Statistics by state, city, risk group

Gay Community & AIDS:

AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP)

       New York
       San Francisco
Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
Gay Men's Health Crisis
Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF)
Pride Net
Rainbow Query

Women & AIDS:
Empowerment and Prevention
National Women's Fund
Prevention Needs Specific to Women
United Nations: Women & AIDS
Women & Children with HIV: Resources

People of Color and AIDS:
African-Americans and AIDS
Asian-Americans and AIDS
Latinos and AIDS

Prevention & Education:

AIDS Memorial Quilt
The Body: An AIDS and HIV Information Resource: this page has links to 30 of America's significant HIV/AIDS organizations
Children and HIV/AIDS
Center for AIDS Prevention Studies
Center for Disease Control
Critical Path AIDS Project
National Center for HIV,STD, and TB Prevention
National Institutes of Health: Office of AIDS Research
Stop AIDS Project
Pan American Health Organization 

    Organizations specific to a population:
AIDS in Native America
AIDS-New York City
Black-Latino AIDS Project
Children and AIDS
Fabric of Life of Oregon
Interfaith AIDS Ministry of Danbury, Connecticut
National Native American AIDS Prevention Center
National Religious AIDS Organizations
New York City AIDS Organizations
Teens and HIV/AIDS
Volunteer Network:Michigan

iconTreatment & Healing:
AIDS Ministries
AIDS Treatment Data Network
Biomedical Treatment Guidelines
Care Provider Tool Kit
Center for AIDS Prevention Studies: *this page is an all expansive resource, highly recommended
Complementary/Alternative Medicine: clinical approach
HIVPOSITIVE.COM: resource for improved
quality of life
Holistic Health links
N.Wayne Gowdy: person with AIDS who has embraced alternative therapies to AIDS, his story.
Rife Frequency Therapy
Vaccine Proposal
Yahoo links to Specific Healing Methods: from aromatherapy to yoga

*Inspiring Stories of Living with AIDS*