Status of HIV/AIDS:
Epidemiology and Treatment

It is projected that there will be 2 to 4 million cumulative HIV infections and 350,000 to 650,000 cumulative cases of AIDS in Thailand by the year 2000. However, promising new reports have indicated that the rate of infection is declining after a peak in 1994 and 1995. Heterosexual transmission is the leading factor in the spread of HIV among men in Thailand. The prevalence of HIV among young men has decreased from 10.4-12.5% in 1991 and 1993 to 6.7% in 1995. The use of prostitutes is the principal means of transmission among young men. The plateauing effect is a hopeful indicator of the success of prevention and education programs. Studies have indicated changes in high-risk sexual behavior with 90% of those young men who use prostitutes now use condoms.

As one of the first Asian countries to feel the effects of the AIDS epidemic, Thailand has been scrutinized by world health officials. As a result, the Thai government launched an aggressive and encompassing prevention and education campaign aimed at the notorious sex industry. As an integral part of Thailand's economy, commerical sex has attracted the attention of male tourists from around the world. Condom distribution in such establishments, as well as education in schools and workplaces, has been the main approach by health officials.

Just in terms of the demographic effects on worker productivity, savings loss, and medical costs alone, Thailand will spend up to $8.7 billion by the year 2000 because of the AIDS epidemic.

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Prevention & Education:
Thailand may be host to the world's first mass test of a vaccine against HIV. The trial, perhaps as early as the year 2000, would be conducted on a purely voluntary basis.
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