HIV/AIDS Resource Page
Epidemiology, Prevention, and Treatment

The HIV/AIDS epidemic is not only a health concern threatening the lives of millions but a window into the components of a nation and its culture. The political, economic, and social structures of a nation have shown to be instrumental in the approaches to the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. As the epidemic differs in nations across race, gender, class, and sexual orientation, it also differs in the approaches to prevention and treatment. A continuing amount of research in the biomedical treatment of the virus is prevalent worldwide. A parallel effort has begun in alternative healing communities. Indigenous healers and holistic practitioners have been working independently and in conjunction with biomedical healers to create new approaches to treatment. This resource page intends to explore several nations which are of significance to the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. The above clickable map has links to the following countries: Canada, the United States, Cuba, Haiti, Brazil, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Zaire, India, China, and Thailand. Each country's epidemic is investigated through links to various national and world resources. This investigation is in its early stages with many topics and resources yet to be discovered. Feedback and other resources are greatly encouraged!