The Evans House
9914 S. Longwood Drive
1909, Frank Lloyd Wright - architect
Prairie School - architectural style

The Evans House is an excellent example of Prairie School architecture, employed by Frank Lloyd Wright. "In his work , Wright rejected historical styles and traditional decoration in favor of plans and ornamental designs that were based on straightforward geometric shapes. The central portion of Evans house is essentially a cube containing the living and dining rooms and kitchen on the first floor and the bedrooms on the second. From this cube, the house extends into a cruciform plan with an enclosed porch to the south, a covered driveway on the north, and a wing that orginally contained the servants' quarters at the rear of the house. The design has a strong horizontal emphasis, reinforced by the dark trim along the roof line and below the windows. The house was originally surfaced with stucco and wood; a subsequent owner resurfaced the Longwood Drive facade with stone veneer." T. Barton