The Robert C. Givins House (also known as the Irish Castle)
10244 S. Longwood Drive
1886, architect unknown

Robert Givins was a Chicago real estate dealer of the 1880's.  He was also a world traveler.  While traveling in Ireland he was enchanted with a castle that sat on the River Dee and made various sketches of it.  Upon returning to the states Givins decided to settle down and reproduce his enchanted Irish castle.  Legends abound as to why he decided to build the castle, perhaps as an anniversary gift for his wife or to fulfill a promise made to an Irish lass.  In either case, Givins choose a land site as similar to the Irish country side as possible, plenty of green grass and trees. And although the castle would not sit on the edge of a river, it would sit a top a grand ridge, symbolizing the aristocratic kind of community that Givins had hoped would develop along the ridge.  Limestone bricks were brought from quarries near Joliet, hauled in on ox carts. Upon completion the castle had fifteen separate rooms.  Several families and organizations made the castle home, until 1942 when the Beverly Unitarian Church purchased it.  Today the church makes a concentrated effort to keep the community involved with the castle.