Oakhill Cemetery - Saline


Located atop a grassy knoll, lined with oak trees, Oakhill Cemetery was an Indian burial ground according to oral tradition. Sims is believed to be the first white person buried here. However, the oldest dated grave is that of Timothy Cruttenden, a revolutionary war veteran who died on September 22, 1832.


The Indian burial ground, a part of the Duncan Robinson family farm, was donated to the Town of Saline for its use as a cemetery. This narrow rectangular cemetery lies to the south of the farmhouse, separate from farming activities. In 1875 Milton and Rachel Reynolds gave more land to the Saline Central Burying Ground Corp.; the Association charged with upkeep and promotion of the Town’s cemeteries. In 1973, the cemetery was given to Saline Township after the dissolution of the Cemetery Association. Membership in the cemetery cost $.25 annually for women and $1.00 for men.