M-72 From the intersection of M-22 and M-72 in Greilickville to Bugai Road (Leelanau County Road 616); travelling east to west.


As you climb M-72 travelling west from Traverse City/Greilickville to its summit, which is known to local as "radio hill" due to the large number of radio and TV antennas that are positioned in the general area, take heart in the fact that you have just climbed one of Leelanau counties longest hills. Itís a great climb and it has bike lanes on both sides of the highway which are quite wide in some places and narrower in others. I donít recommend starting a ride with this hill unless you are thoroughly warmed up or you will run the risk of knee injury. After you crest the top of the hill you will roll to the intersection of M-72 and Bugai road (Leelanau County road 616).

Riding this section west to east towards Traverse and Greiliville is a blast! Watch for traffic and dirt and sand in the bike lane and let it rip. It is possible to maintain speeds over 35 mph down "radio hill".