Israel's Disengagement from the Gaza Strip
August-September 2005

    The complete withdrawal of Israelis from the Gaza Strip was one of the biggest historical withdrawals a nation has ever made. In an effort for peace, Ariel Sharon went against his historical support and implementation of the Israeli settlement movement. The disengagement uprooted and removed 21Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip totalling about 9,000 people. The disengagement plan faced a large amount of opposition, mostly stemming from the major Israeli settlement of Gush Katif. In the year leading up to the disengagement the color orange identified people, restaurants, and stores as against the withdrawal of Israeli settlements from the Gaza Strip. The prominent slogan of the opposition movement was,Yehudi lo megaresh Yehudi, translated to "A Jew doesn't expel a Jew." 

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A residential street in the Neve Dekalim settlement in Gush Katif.
An anti-Disengagement protest in Gush Katif.

Anti-Disengagement protesters wearing the shirts with the Hebrew slogan of the opposition movement, Yehudi lo megaresh Yehudi, translated to "A Jew doesn't expel a Jew."

Anti-Disengagement protesters in Ofakim, a city in southern Israel near the Gaza Strip with an Israeli police presence.

Artistic picture showing the relationship of Judaism to the opposition to the disengagement plan. The black leather straps are called tefillin or phylacteries. They are used in a daily morning prayer ritual. The orange wristband shows the man's opposition to removing the Jewish settlements from the Gaza Strip. This wristband shows the Hebrew slogan of the opposition movement, Yehudi lo megaresh Yehudi, translated to "A Jew doesn't expel a Jew."

Un-Armed Israeli soldiers during the Gaza Disengagement

Palestinians Celebrating the Gaza Disengagement on its coast.

The destruction of Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip as a result of the disengagement.

Map Showing Gaza Settlements Evacuated

Peace Process - Map of Israeli Disengagement in Gaza 2005
Settlement Founded Population***

Atzmona (Bnei Atzmona)

1982** 650


1986 220


1982 80

Elei Sinai

1983 350


1982 310

Ganei Tal

1979 400

Gan Or

1983 350


1985 405
Kerem Atzmona 2001 70

Kfar Darom***

1989 365

Kfar Yam

1983 20


1972 220


1972 390
Netzer Hazani 1973 410

Neveh Dekalim

1983 2,500


1980 1050

Pe'at Sadeh

1989 105

Rafiah Yam

1984 150
Shirat Hayam 2000 50




Tel Katifa 1992


* Founded 1979 in Sinai. Moved to Gaza, 1982. 

**Kfar Darom was founded about 1935; destroyed 1939; re-founded 1946; destroyed 1948

*** Estimates are about 15% below published total of 8,500