An Historical-Geographical Method for Aiding Conflict Resolution

Maps, Timelines, and the Internet:
The Quest for Peace in the Middle East
  • The University of Michigan Fall 2008, Professor Emerita Ann E. Larimore, cotaught with Adjunct Professor Sandra L. Arlinghaus, Robert J. Haug, resource consultant. Guest lectures from Karl Longstreth, Head Map Librarian, Hatcher (Graduate) Library.
  • Websites displayed use the GEOMAT method of historical geography.  View student websites by clicking buttons to the left or on student names below.
2008 E-BOOK
  • AhmedEnd of Empire -- British Attempts at Controlling Cypriot Sovereignty, 1945 - 1974
  • AultIran - Iraq War, 1980 - 1988
  • EzekielThe Creation of Modern Iraq
  • FoleyMacedonia and the Balkan Wars (1912 - 1913)
  • GalvinCreation of the State of Israel
  • LeonardKurdish Plight for Statehood, 1914 - 1924
  • LindseyA History of Radical Islam and the United States, 1928 - 2001
  • RahamMartyrs in the Path of Righteousness
  • ThabetThe Nakba (Disaster) that Created the Palestinian Refugee Problem
  • ZhengThe Longest War:  Iran-Iraq War (from 1980 to 1988)

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