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Original research contributions from efforts of Francis Anthony Arlinghaus (Ph.D. History), 721, as characterized in structure by his grandson William Edward Arlinghaus, 72121, with a numerical cataloging scheme developed by FAA's son, William Charles Arlinghaus (Ph.D. Mathematics), 7212.  WCA's wife, Sandra Lach Arlinghaus, 7212s, maintains and archives the site as a webpage.  Contributions from others from around the world have contributed important primary information:  Walter Barklage (41616), Alix Ann Arlinghaus (7431), Frank Henry Arlinghaus Jr. MD (7432), Francis Joseph Arlinghaus Ph.D. (7211), Mary Avery Arlinghaus (7211s), Elizabeth Anne Arlinghaus Marchand (72114), Martin Ostendorf (46153), Julie Charles (74522), Wajan Sudja (46811), and others.  Please let us know of names that should be added to this list and also please correct errors and suggest additions.

Dating procedure:  a date of 07/03/1960, for example, means July 3, 1960.

The genealogy beginning point is:
Johan Gerhard Jakob Arlinghaus (02/11/1790-01/03/1854)

JOHAN GERHARD JAKOB ARLINGHAUS (02/11/1790-01/03/1854) and CATHARINA MARGARETHA BRINKMANN (02/25/1794-01/06/1858)  (married 11/23/1819)

All numbering is based upon this starting point. For example, I am #72121.....this means that I am the 1st child of the 2nd child of the 1st child of the 2nd child of the 7th child of Johan and Catharina. 
46143s. Prof. Dr. Dursun Tan (born in Turkey 08/20/1960-) were married.
Muhammad Faishal (01/19/1991) were married (in Jakarta) on 01/27/2017.
  • 53411.  William James Lally (1953-) married 53411s.  Rose Campagna (1956-)
    • William Joseph Lally (1987-)
    • Claire Marie Lally (1989-)
  • 53412.  Mary Ann Lally (1958-) married 53412s.  Gegroy Keith Hebel (1951-)
    • 534121.  Gregory Eugene Hebel (1989-)
    • 534122.  Lauren Carol Hebel (1993-)
  • 53413.  Michael Patrick Lally (1962-)
  • 53414.  Elizabeth Margaret Lally (1968-) married 53414s.  Warren London Nally (1969-)
    • 534141.  Connor Patrick Nally (1998-)
53511s.  James Patrick Mead, Jr. (1945-)
53513s.  Elizabeth Duncan Burn (1952).
53521s.  Delisa Covalt (1961-)

74244ss.  Dorothy McKillop (10/07/1970) were married on 12/11/2010
74247s. Allyson Renee Weiss (04/09/1973-) were married on 07/03/2000
  • 742471.  Ella Mackenzie Weiss Begley (04/29/2004)
  • 742472.  Jack Andrew Weiss Begley (04/03/2009)

74524s.  Nicholas Glass (07/06/1961-) were married 07/09/2012.