Books in Progress, Articles and Presentations

Published Articles

"Craft, Creativity and Consciousness: Toward a New Paradigm of Jazz Education"
Jazz Research papers, January 1999.

Ongoing column in Jazz changes. 1997-present.

"Composition and Improvisation in the Core Curriculum"
Procedings of the Nation Assciation of Schools of Music. 1997.

"Art, Ethnicity and Entertainment".
Jazz Changes. Spring 1997.

"A New Look at Improvisation"
Journal of Music Theory. 40.1 Spring 1996.

"Creativity, Tradition and Change".
Jazz Research Papers. Jan. 1996

"Is the Paradigm Shifting Without Us?"
In International Music Educators Journal, November, 1995.

"Nonlinear Time Dynamics: A Cognitive Model for the Improvisation Process" Jazz Research Papers. Jan 1994.

"The Creative Foundation of Jazz Tradition"
Jazz Changes. London. Fall, 1994.

"Improvisation and Global Musicianship"
Music Educators Journal. Fall 1992.

"On the Centrality of the Big Band in Jazz Education"
Jazz Educators Journal. March, 1992.