Sandra K. Danziger




Sandra Danziger is professor of social work and research professor of public policy. Her primary research interests are the effects of public programs and policies on the well-being of disadvantaged families, poverty policy and social service programs, demographic trends in child and family well-being, gender issues across the life course, program evaluation, and qualitative research methods. Her current research examines welfare program approaches to addressing barriers to employment among single mothers. She is evaluating a family support program provided by Starfish Family Services and she conducted an implementation study of Michigan's Jobs, Education and Training pilot projects. She was Principal Investigator on the Women's Employment Survey and the Implementing Welfare to Work Programs in Michigan study. Professor Danziger previously researched how Michigan's General Assistance welfare recipients fared after Governor Engler terminated this income support program. Another previous study looked at perceived life options and teen motherhood among inner-city youth. Other areas of research/scholarly interest: social welfare policies, social services for families and children, poverty and well-being.

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