EDUC 504: Teaching with Technology

Fall 2003 workshops

Professor: Rod Williams,

1360G SEB

GSIs: Donnalee Grey,; Liz Kolb,

Prechter Laboratory (2nd Floor SEB)

Office Hours: Please email for an appointment.

Technology Management Workshop


October 31st, 2003 9:00am-12:00pm


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504 Issues/Questions

            1 hour workshop

            We will find out what we have to do during the workshop on the 21st.


Group Work 

  • What are potential roadblocks?
  • Mara, Sebastian, Daniel, James
  • 3 biggest roadblocks:
    1. maintenance & tech support
    2. lack of technology
    3. training and professional development
      1. programs giving every student a laptop -- who pays for maintenance?
      2. programs wiring all schools -- no support for teachers to actually learn how to use technology
    4. students level of ability
    5. teacher having to multitask, fix problems
    6. support from administration
    7. issue of time (if curriculum is set)
      1. my response: integrate vs. teaching technology
    8. efficient security
    9. storage
      looking for private contracter for storage, found 250GB $8.95/month; 1TB $20/month
    10. sufficient battery life
    11. being able to monitor what students are doing (software availability)
      1. network assistant
      2. check for instant messenger & eMail
      3. issue of training for this kind of software
    12. blocking students from sites you need
    13. physical layout of the computer lab
    14. motivation (either from students or teachers

    Elliot: Design Hi-C software, prof. of EE and SoE, whips up support for technology, labs mean technology won't be integrated in a meaningful way, scheduling is a problem, rearrange sequence of instruction to fit lab's schedule, technology must be in the hands of every single kid, policy people need to know that.

    Policy Makers: Think about getting kids jobs, not about techology helping kids learn.

    Laptop Program: Ganholm going to give it the axe because schools can't support it.

    Putting a technology integration project together

  • Curriculum
  • Check-lists
  • Lab Use
  • Rubrics
  • Roles for Students
  • Assignment Sheets/Lessons
  • Back-up Plans
  • Integration Specialists
  • Daily Goals
  • Optional Assignments
  • One Computer Classroom Sheet


    Open Lab


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    Daniel D. Slosberg |
    October 31, 2003