How to use this portfolio template

This template is designed to be used with the COATT Portfolio Manual, available at the COATT web site.
You are not required to use the template, but look at it to get a feeling for what must be included even if you decide to create your own Web pages.

If you use the template, it is ready for you to add text, images, and multimedia in the spaces where you now see directions like this. Delete the directions- written in this purple- and add your own material. If you decide to create your own look and feel, the sections shown in this template must be included in any design you develop. If you don't do all the sections, your portfolio will be returned to you to be fixed.

What goes on this Home Page:

The information about you on the right is required on your home page.

The main area in the center of this page is a space where you can be creative and provide images or text that establish a sense of what will come. Keep it short and simple – this page tends to work best if it isn't longer than one screen on your computer! Remember that this will be judged so be sure your material is professional.

More complete directions are in the Portfolio Manual.

Daniel Slosberg
Student Teaching

University of Michigan
Franklin MiddleSchool
Wayne-Westland, Michigan
8th Grade Science
Unit Topic: Planets