How to Download the COATT Template

Goto www.

If you have Stuffit Expander on your computer, skip to the next step, if not continue on.

Click on Download Sutffit Expander


When the document window appears, select the type of computer operating system and fill out the information on the form. The click Download. Stuffit should download and install on your machine.

Once you have Stuffit Expander….

Click on Portfolio Template

If you get an option, Choose to download it into you IFS space. Select the Private folder in your IFS space. It will show up in you IFS space as a folder called TEMPLATE

Now Open up Dreamweaver.

In Dreamweaver go to SITE---NEW SITE.

In the site window, name your site "COATT"

Select your local root folder by clicking on the blue folder icon and browse to find the TEMPLATE folder that you just downloaded. Choose that folder.


Now go to the Remove Info. Tab and Choose FTP. Put in the following settings (except put your unique name and password).


We are ready to being using the templates.

Go to FILE–OPEN, browse to find the TEMPLATE folder in your IFS space.

Open up the TEMPLATE folder and choose "index.html."


A Template should appear on your page. You are ready to begin filling in the blanks.

Remember when you are ready to upload, click on the two arrows in the document window.