Diganta Saha


  • +17 years of systems administration in heterogeneous computing environments (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix)
  • +23 years of 2D and 3D computer graphics experience
  • +12 years in the University of Michigan Virtual Reality Lab
  • Several classes in programming, virtual reality, CAD and design


  • Systems Administrator. I.T. manager Nov '10 - Present
    Prologue Films Inc. Venice, CA

    • Administration of EMC Isilon NAS. Active Directory integration. Implemented VMware ESXi virtual services and VirtualBox for license servers. Security compliance for movie studios.
    • Creating dual boot Mac OSX and Windows 7 images over the network for 80 artists, using DeployStudio, NetRestore/Netboot for both desktop and render nodes. Support a wide variety of 3D animation, motion graphics, NLE video, rendering and compositing software with many plugins.
    • Implement render manager Deadline (newer) and maintain Rush (legacy) up to 160 render nodes and servers (Linux, Windows, Mac OSX). Supporting Flame editing systems and Burn nodes.
    • DNS, DHCP, tape backup and recovery. VPN. FTP hosting. KVM switching (KVS).
    • Portfolio.

  • Systems Administrator. I.T. manager Nov '08 - Jan '10
    3DSite Inc (Living Pictures). Los Angeles, CA

  • Systems Administrator. Head of department I.T. Jan '98 - Nov '08
    University of Michigan NA&ME department (includes our VR Lab). Ann Arbor, MI

    • Maintenance and trouble shooting department 200+ computers with software, hardware, networking and printing problems. System backups and improving security (working with local law enforcement and the FBI, regarding intrusions to our systems). Researching new products for purchasing and negotiating educational pricing from vendors
    • Continue to support the Virtual Reality Lab, which has an Onyx Reality Engine2 (2 CPU) connected to a Fakespace BOOM 3C. Consulting the lab for hardware and software requirements need in many projects. Also advising and training new hires to our lab on our hardware and software that is either commercial or in house developed proprietary programs. Maintain the VR Lab web server, creating accounts, networking SGIs with NFS and general systems administration
    • Supporting the Computational Marine Mechanics Lab(CMML), which consists of an Origin 3400 (12 CPU), an Origin 2000 (4 CPU) and several other Sun, HP and Linux workstations
    • Webmaster for the NA&ME department website. Aside from maintaining the information on the website, I also revamped and improved the usability of the department website using IBM.s OVID system and other concepts to improve navigation by making it more intuitive using user feedback.
    • Portfolio.

  • Programmer and Modeler May '96 - Dec '97
    University of Michigan NAME Virtual Reality Lab. Ann Arbor, MI

    • Creating models in OpenInventor, VRML, VRML 2 + JAVA, Sense 8 WorldUp, MultiGen SmartScene & ModelGen for interactive and realistic training environments
    • Working with state of the art Silicon Graphics ONYX2 IR2 supercomputers to 320 NT workstations with Pyramid CAVE, Fakespace BOOM 3C, VR4 and Kaiser helmets, pinch gloves

  • Computer Consultant Oct '95-Dec '97
    University of Michigan ITD. Ann Arbor, MI

    • Consulting at the multimedia computing New Media Center site
    • Trouble shooting software and hardware problems on the Macintoshes and Windows NT
    • Helping students encountering difficulties using advanced AVID MCXpress non-linear digital video equipment and computer graphics programs

  • Webmaster / Marketing 745 Teaching Assistant May '96 - May '97
    University of Michigan Business School. Ann Arbor , MI

    • Webmaster for the Hermes Project Site. Responsibilities include design and maintaining the site. System administration, creating new accounts, Perl programming
    • Teaching assistant for Marketing 745, 'Marketing in on line environments'
    • Extra projects involving interactive pages in Java and Shockwave

  • Solar Car Team Member Sep '93-Jun '94
    University of Michigan Solar Car Team. Ann Arbor, MI

    • Involved with the electronic hardware and software design team.Head of PCB design. Responsibilities included entering design to a CAD program and then designing the PCB board.


  • Material Science Engineering BSE '97, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Computer skills:

  • Operating environments:
    Windows NT 3.5/4.0/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and 2003/2008 Server, Windows 3.0/3.1x/95/98/ME, Mac OS X 10.0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9, Mac OSX Server 10.4/5/6/8/9, Mac OS Classic 6/7/8/9, Linux (CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL, Fedora, Ubuntu, Knoppix, BackTrack, ESXi), MS-DOS, Irix, Solaris, HP- UX, OS/2, NeXTStep, BeOS, QNX, VAX, AIX, Domain/OS, Acorn Risc OS, BBC Micro, X- Windows

    iOS, Android, webOS, Palm OS, Windows CE (Windows Mobile), Symbian OS, BlackBerry OS

  • Languages, toolkits and IDEs:
    C, C++, Fortran, Basic, Java, JavaScript, HTML, Perl, Python, PHP, MySQL, VRML 2.0, OpenInventor, OpenGL, Visual Studio, XCode, Emacs/XEmacs, svn (Subversion) , git (Github)

  • Communication and office:
    Microsoft Word / Excel / PowerPoint / Visio, Google Apps + Drive + Docs, Omnifocus, Evernote, Maple, Matlab, DeltaGraph, KaliedaGraph, Dropbox, SSH/SCP, Telnet, SFTP/FTP, VNC, Gopher, Apple Remote Desktop, Nagios

  • CAD and graphics:
    Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator, Autodesk Alias Studio + Maya / Softimage + Eddie / 3D Studio Max / AutoCAD, Maxon Cinema 4D, VRay, Rhino 3D, EDS Unigraphics, Bryce 3D, Poser, EAI VisModel, Sense 8 WorldUp, MultiGen SmartScene and ModelGen, CosmoWorlds, CosmoCode, CosmoCreate and proprietary SGI software. Macromedia Director, DeBabelizer, Alias Sketch, Infini-D, Deluxe Paint IIe.

  • Filesystems / NAS / Directory Services:
    NFS, AFS, CIFS/SMB, AFP, OneFS (EMC Isilon), Active Directory, LDAP, NIS, Open Directory, X.500

  • Hypervisor/Virtualization and emulators:
    VMware ESXi, VMware Workstation/Fusion, Parallels, Oracle VirtualBox, Virtual PC, SoftWindows/RealPC, VT100 / VT220

Programming , computer graphics and art & design courses:

  • ITS 101: Security Training Course
  • Introduction to C++, EECS 183
  • C++ Object Oriented Programming, EECS 280
  • Introduction to Java, EECS 284
  • Introduction to Fortran, ENG 103
  • Redesigning websites (School of Information)
  • Introduction to web usability (School of Information)
  • Organization of websites (School of Information)
  • Database design for the web with PhP + MySQL (School of Information)
  • Principles in virtual reality, ENG 477
  • Independent study in VRML for manufacturing, NAME 490
  • Independent study of quasicrystals in virtual reality, MSE 490
  • Introduction to CAD with Unigraphics, ME 101

  • Industrial design, ART 391
  • Introduction to Photography, PHO 111 with 35mm SLR (@ WCC)
  • Introduction to Studio, PHO 117 with 6x6cm Hasselblad(@ WCC)
  • Studio Portraits, PHO 116 with 6x6cm Hasselblad(@ WCC)
  • Digital photography, PHO 127 using Photoshop 6.0 (@ WCC)
  • Photography II, PHO 122 with 35mm SLR (@ WCC)
  • Black & White Digital Imaging, PHO 129 with DSLR and quadtone printing RIP(@ WCC)
  • Advanced Studio Techniques, PHO 220 with 6x6cm Hasselblad(@ WCC)
  • Environmental Portraiture, PHO 216 using medium format (@ WCC)
  • Color Photography, PHO 124 with DSLR and archival ink printers (@WCC)

Non-credit courses:

  • Unix Administration
  • Unix / Linux Security
  • Computer forensics and security
  • Windows 2000 Adminstration and Networking
    (training donated by Microsoft Research)
  • Windows NT Administration
  • Apple Remote Desktop
  • Alias/Wavefront Studio modeling
  • 3D Studio Max modeling and animation

Awards and Societies:

  • Silcon Graphics Inc "UltraBuzz.wrl " winner of a $10,000 SGI 02
  • Member of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society
  • Winner of World of Escher computer graphics contest
  • Best of Campus Award for September '96 homepages
  • 2nd place winner of the University of Michigan campus Apple cyber-art competition


  • University of Michigan Sailing Club since Sum '93
  • University of Michigan Archery Club since Sum '94
  • University of Michigan SIGGRAPH chapter since Fall'00
  • University of Michigan Ballroom dance club since Fall'00
  • Member of Entity, Ann Arbor Computer Artist Coalition
Reference available upon request. Most are available on LinkedIn

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