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Note: I was sitting right next to the catwalk, which is too close and less than ideal place to shoot. Many of the photographs are shot at a wide angle causing the lower half of the body to be disproportionately wider than the upper half.

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_MG_1913 _MG_1914 _MG_1944 _MG_1946
_MG_1947 _MG_1949 _MG_1910 _MG_1915
_MG_1917 _MG_1918 _MG_1919 _MG_1920
_MG_1925 _MG_1926 _MG_1927 _MG_1928
_MG_1929 _MG_1930 _MG_1932 _MG_1933
_MG_1934 _MG_1936 _MG_1937 _MG_1938
_MG_1939 _MG_1941 _MG_1942 _MG_1950
_MG_1951 _MG_1956 _MG_1957 _MG_1958
_MG_1959 _MG_1961 _MG_1962 _MG_1963

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