I'm learning aikido at the Great Lakes Aikai dojo. I enjoy training days with the bokken and jo in class.
    I've been shooting with the University's archery club for quite a few years. We shoot indoors in the fall and winter semeters and outdoors in during the spring and summer semesters. I shoot with a compound bow without a release aid because I'd like the challenge without extra mechanical aids.
    I was in the fencing club for a while. Learning to fence with a foil using the pistol grip. Looking back I should have learnt sabre fencing, anyway now I'm taking up aikido and don't have time to do both.
Sailing / Windsurfing
    I used to sail back in Hong Kong at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and now with the University of Michigan's Sailing Club. Since then I have sailed Wanderers, Lasers, Toppers, 470s and Sunfishes. When its warm enough during the summer I windsurf and I sail the Lasers most of the time. Its a great way to relax and hiking all the way out in strong winds is a rush for me.
    I play squash whenever I get a hold of anyone who can play around here. There aren't too many squash players at U of M. So its kind of hard to keep it regular.
    Lately, I've been playing beach volleyball every Saturday with friends or with anyone I meet at the volleyball courts. Its a great way to enjoy the spring and summer weather here in Ann Arbor. Click here to see photos us playing on Elbel field.

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