The site is sponsored by Disney. This activities page is part of the site and is jam-packed with all kinds of activities. There are projects, crafts, and activities here. You'll find indoor, outdoor, and TV-free activities. This page is updated often with new activities for the season.

Family Fun Play with Your Food This page offers recipes so that you can play with your good and eat it, too. Make a banana bug or a whole wheat cottage. Just don't forget to have fun!

Science Museum of Minnesota Thinking Fountain A-Z Part of the Science Museum of Minnesota web site, this section includes ideas for things to do and think about. This site tells you about all kinds of things to do and make. It also tells you about good books to read that will tell you about things to do and make. The stuff at this site is organized in different ways, including alphabetically, or by theme, so you can choose the way that works best for you.

Watermelon Kids National Watermelon Promotion Board This is the kids page of the National Watermelon Promotion Board. It includes watermelon recipes, games, a coloring book, and information about how to grow a watermelon with "seeds right from your own melon slice."

Helping Your Child to Learn to Read This publication by the U.S. Department of education offers hints, tips, and "activities for children from infancy through age 10." It includes information on how to get kids started reading, and what to do to help them to keep reading. The activities that this page describes seem to be both about reading and about spending time together.

Marilee's Picturebook Links Marilee loves picturebooks. She writes, "Open a picturebook and you enter another world of people, sights, sounds, and happenings." Her useful picturebook resource offers a collection of links that is divided up into the following categories: Sites You'll Love, Author/Illustrator Links, Multi-Author Links, Recommended Books Lists and Online Picturebooks.

Marilee's Paper Doll Page If you like paper dolls, this is the site for you! It has paper dolls that you can print out, make and color. It also has links to other pages that have paper dolls you can print, and links to pages about origami paper dolls. Craft Recipes (Catalog under parent/teacher resources)

John Deere Kids Includes storybook, coloring book, printable finger puppet patterns, etc.

Welcome to the Carminati third grade tour of the Phoenix Botanical Gardens.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Includes pet care info for a variety of pets. This info includes links to other sites, etc. Learn about caring for dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Learn about how to travel with your pet. You can also learn what this organization does to help out animals.

The Droodles Homepage What is a droodle? "A droodle is a doodle riddle. Or a riddle doodle. It's this scribble a friend makes up." Take a look at this page and see if you can guess the most recent droodle, or try to guess one of the droodles from the past, which can be found in the Droodle archives. You can even make up and send in your own droodle.

American Memory Today Want to know what happened in American History on this date in the past? This page, which is part of the American Memory collection by the Library of Congress will tell you! You can also find out what happened yesterday, or other days since April 1, 1997 when the project began.

Create a new section for U.S. Maps? Yahoo Maps Type in an address in the United States, and Yahoo will show you a map of where the address is! Once you have the map, you can zoom in, zoom out, or move in different directions.

Create a new section for U.S. Holidays? The History of Labor Day Learn about Labor Day and what it means from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Puppets At this Stage Hand Puppets activities page, you'll find patterns for almost every kind of puppet you can imagine, including finger puppets and stick puppets. Also learn some tips about performing with puppets and learn about the art of ventriloquism, talking without moving your mouth! Stage Hand Puppets

Cleveland Indians Kids Stuff Learn some tips about baseball from a real player. Meet the Indians' mascot Slider, play some games, and answer some trivia questions.

The Official Peanuts Site If you like the Peanuts characters, you'll like this page. It has pages that you can print and color, electronic postcards that you can send, and games you can play. Don't go here if you're in a hurry, though, because this page takes awhile to load.

Cyberpanda Postcards The postcard at this page are pictures of pandas. This page is part of Cyberpanda. The panda is an endangered species and the people that created this page want to save them. To learn more about pandas, you can link to back to the main page and find information and many other links about pandas.

Junior Sports Coloring Pages


--remember add used car sites for teens

Edmunds Car Information Here you'll find price information for new and used cars. You'll find a guide called "How to Buy a Used Car," which includes information about evaluating used cars, pricing cars, and selecting the car that is right for you. Also includes information on car safety. Work on this and see which is the best for a main page.

Bolt Reporter Look at this in depth.--recommended by Dave