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If you love cooking and eating then you've come to the right place! I discovered that many food companies have home pages with delicious recipes that use their products. You'll find many of them here under typical cookbook categories such as Main Dishes and Desserts. I have given you the links to both the recipe page and home page of each company, as well as a brief description of these sites! Enjoy!

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Main Dishes

Butterball Recipes
You can find recipes for turkey leftovers and for using turkey in old favorite recipes at this page. The Butterball home page offers tips on cooking and carving your next turkey.

Campbell's Soup Recipes
Campbell's Soup Serving Suggestions
These pages both offer mostly main dish recipes. One of the great features of the first page is a recipe finder which allows you to search by ingredient and Campbell's product. The second page offers several categories of recipes, including a section entitled Healthy Eating. The familiar red and white soup can label lends a bit of nostaliga to the Campbell's home page.

Helmann's Dijonnaise Mustard
Dijonnaise is one of the products by Helmann's. The recipes featured include mostly main dishes such as Dijonnaise Grilled Chicken. The site is also included below in Appetizers and Snacks.

Honeysuckle White Recipes
More turkey recipes for the holiday season! The page has a special section on recipes for to make for family gatherings. The Honeysuckle White Turkey home page provides some suggestions for entertaining and decorating during the holiday season.

Sargento Recipes
This page features main dishes with Sargento cheese in them. Recipes from some of the finest restaurants in the United States can be found at Recipes of America, the home page of a television show which Sargento sponsors.

Tyson's Chicken Kitchen
This page from Tyson Chicken has a great recipe box which offers plenty of chicken choices including entrees, salads, soups and stews. Don't miss the incredible dancing chicken on the company's home page!

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Gelatin and pudding recipes can be found at this simple site. The giant word Jell-O
on the home page seems to shimmer like the famous Jell-O jiggler desserts.

Kellogg's Rice Krispie Recipes
Find the good-old Rice Krispie treat recipe here with a lengthy list of variations! This site also contains a list of recipes (such as Vegetable Pot Pie) from every category that contain Kellogg's famous Snap, Crackle and Pop cereal. The home page appears below as part of the Michigan Companies category

Nabisco's Kitchen
Nabisco's Featured Recipes

Most of the recipes at these sites are dessert recipes. "Mother-In-Law Cake" was one of the recipes featured at the first site. The second site offers a "featured" recipe and recipes by occasion. The Nabisco home page is a treat in itself with a cartoon Nabisco Neighborhood and links to Nabisco's many products, including Oreos!

Look for raisin bread and cookie recipes at this site maintained by Sun-Maid Growers of California. At the home page you can also find nutrition information and information about processing raisins.

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Romantic Reicpes
The largest category on this recipe page is the dessert category. The recipes sound delicious, but be warned--I Can't Believe It's Not Butter home page features way too much information about Fabio.

Why Milk--Recipes
This site is part of an ad campaign by the National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board. The recipe page features mostly desserts. Like the magazine ads, the home page features a famous milk mustachioed person (this week, the ficticious Bart and Lisa Simpson.) For other information about milk, go to the home page at Why Milk?

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Chocolate Recipes

Hershey's Chocolate Recipes
Find delicious chocolate cookie, cake, pie and many other dessert recipes here. Also look for the company below in Sidedishes,where you may be surprised to find pasta recipes from Hershey.

Godiva Recipes
This page offers tantalizing pictures to accompany the many recipes. You can view the recipes alphabetically, by category and by using the search option. Don't forget to enter the sweepstakes on the Godiva home page.

Cadbury's Winter Recipe Collection
Only six recipes appear here, but the pictures make the page a must-see. Clickable buttons shaped like squares of chocolate link you from the Cadbury main page to information about the company and its products.

M & M's Baking Recipes
Who doesn't love the little melt-in-your-mouth candies? This site offers recipes for the new mini-baking M & M Product. If you are a real fan and need M & M clothing and other goods, be sure to see the M & M home page.

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Breads and Snacks

Boboli Pizza Recipes
Check out this page for recipes using the ready-made Boboli pizza crust. All of the recipes would make great quick snacks or appetizers, especially in the event of sudden holiday company. The product's home page can be found at Boboli Pizza

Jiffy Mix Article and Recipes
The best Jiffy Mix recipes to be found on the site are in an article from the Detroit Free Press. The article is a nostalgic reflection on the history of Jiffy Mix and includes recipes such as Pecan Turtle Brownies. More recipes can be found at the Jiffy Product Page

Fleischmann's Yeast: Our Favorite Recipes>
Choose from traditional recipes and bread machine recipes at this recipe page from Fleischmann's Yeast. Categories of recipes include "Pizzas and Calzones" and "Holiday/Specialty Breads." When I looked at the recipe for Dried Tomato and Rosemary Bread I noticed that the recipes include serving tips and nutritional information. See the home page for links to more tips including "How To Make Flavored Butter."

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Success Rice
Choose the link to RECIPE once you arrive at the above address. One of the interesting recipe categories to be found there is "Camping Recipes."

A.R.I. Rice and Pasta Recipes
Not all of the pasta and rice recipes found on this page are side dishes, but I have placed it here for convenience. The page is sponsored by American Rice, Inc.

Pasta LaBella Recipes
Pasta side dishes and pasta salads (such as the Garden Pasta Salad) are located at this page. The flavored pastas by Pasta LaBella are a relatively new product, so take a look!

Hershey Pasta Group Recipes
I never would have guessed that Hershey made pasta, but a quick glance at their home page reveals this to be true! While most of the recipes sound delicious, I had to wonder about the ingredients in the Old-Fashioned Frog's Eye Salad!

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Stolichyana Vodka Specialties
Visit this site to find drink recipes using Stolichyana Vodka. You'll also find entertainment at the Stolichyana site where you can create and submit your own drink recipes (complete with crazy names!) Don't forget to take a look at others' zany submissions at the mixology archives

Stash Tea Company Recipes
Someone told me about this site--I didn't expect to find such great recipes there! You'll find recipes for hot tea beverages, cold tea beverages and for using tea in other recipes. You'll find the standard company information at Stash Tea Company

Smirnoff Bartending Page
Go wild, go crazy, be the bartender at the Smirnoff Vodka website!

Bacardi Rum
You'll need to go to this home page to get the recipes because you will need to choose how you want to view the pages. Simply choose "Behind the Bar" from the menu and you will be all set. Go to the wacky Drink Wizard or get cocktail recipes here.

Grand Marnier
At the recipe section on this site you'll find cocktail recipes with their pictures. Images represent some drinks such as Black Cow, the Red Lion and the Pink Cadillac!

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Ragu Recipes
The Ragu sites are great for several reasons. On the recipe page you'll find an extensive list of categories from entrees to desserts and even a Light and Healthy category. The images which represent the various categories are fun to look at, and each category has tons of recipes. Be sure to visit the Ragu home page often because "Mama" is there with various witty quips and quotes each time you enter the site!

Frito Lay Recipes
While this is not a large site, you'll find some delicious sounding Entrees, Soups and Sandwiches, Salads and Snacks and Desserts. Check out Frito Lay for company news and product information.

Kellogg Kitchens
This site is a bright and happy one with all the usual recipe categories. I didn't expect that a cereal company would have such an extensive list of delicious sounding recipes. The Kellogg home page is a riot, offering you the chance to to send an e-mail "greeting card" to a friend and other fun activities.

Dole Cookbook
The Dole Fruits and Vegetables Kid's Cookbook, like the rest of Dole site emphasizes the importance of fruits and vegetables and reminds you that you need FIVE A DAY! The recipes offer ways to get those fruits and vegetables into your diet, or your children's!

American Spoon Foods Recipes
As someone from Michigan, I couldn't resist adding this collection of recipes to my page. The company is based in Michigan and sells delicious Michigan dried cherries, various fruit preserves, salad dressings and more. Recipes include Tangy Ginger Salad Dazzler Raspberry Pecan Bars. Go the American Spoon Foods home page to e-mail the company a request for a catalog!

Lipton Kitchens
We all know that Lipton sells tea, but they also sell Wishbone dressing. Their recipe page includes an on-line booklet for "Basic Grilling 101" which includes recipes using Wishbone dressing as a marinade. Find many other recipes here including Autumn Tea Brew and Roasted Vegetable Pizza. Go the the Lipton Recipe Index. for recipes listed by category!

McCormick Recipes
If you're throwing a party, this just might be the right place for you. You can choose the Home Center section for recipes for 8 to 12 people, or choose the Food Service recipes which will serve 12 to 30 people. So, you could make Cinnamon Toffee Bars for your family, and Swordfish Almondine for your next dinner party! Find out some great information about spices by starting out at the McCormick home page.

Tabasco Taste Tent
At this colorful site you'll find all kinds of dishes using the spicy hot sauce, including recipes like Chicken, Ham & Oyster gumbo from down on the bayou in the Cajun/Creole category. The Tabasco home page tells you about the PeeperFest, an event that Tabasco sponsors and allows you to browse the country store and Tabasco History!

Healthy Choice Recipe Box
Recipes abound in every category on this page. It offers everything from the beginning appetizer to the closing dessert. The home page of the Healthy Choice company offers information on fitness and adventure as well.

Diamond Walnut Recipes
In addition to a "Recipe Exchange" section this recipe page features the Diamond Walnut Company's favorites from the thousands of recipes they have tried. I usually think of walnuts as just being in holiday cookies, but you'll find recipes from all categories here. Try the Walnut Pesto or the Walnut & Wild Rice Chicken Salad!

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Holiday Cooking

Kraft's Gifts From the Heart
The Kraft Foods site is my favorite! This link is to a page with suggestions about giving homemade gifts during the upcoming holiday season. Look for fun family holiday activities at the You and Your Kids holiday page. Search for more holiday recipes at Holiday Search. Find many more year-round recipes, serving suggestions and meal ideas by starting at the the Kraft home page.

Pillsbury Seasonal Solutions
Find "Seasonal Sweets," "Dazzling Feasts" and the "Recipe Search" all on the same page! You may see more than you want to of the giggly Pillsbury Dough Boy, but the tips, free offers and other goodies make these sites well worth your visit.

Real Butter Seasonal Celebrations
Cranberry Delights and Holiday Baked Ham with Winter Fruit Chutney are just two of the recipes on the RealButter holiday site sponsored by the American Dairy Association. The Recipe Extravaganza page offers Gourmet Delights, Family Favorites and many other categories of recipes, as well as the promise to have "new recipes all the time."

Land O' Lakes Holiday Recipes
The people at Land O' Lakes are geared up for the holidays. In addition to recipes, you will find an e-mail address and a telephone number to call for answers to your holiday baking question. Though their holiday preparations are grand, Land O' Lakes doesn't forget the rest of the year. See Recipe of the Month and Year Round Recipes for more food ideas.

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Other Sites

Whole Foods
Whole Foods Recipes
Reynold's Wrap
Reynold's Wrap Recipes
Kitchen Aid Appliances
Kitchen Aid Recipes
Cooking Light Magazine
Cooking Light Recipe Box

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Wacky Food Quotes

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