Nearing the end of an era
So, my maternity leave is almost over... I go back to work June 8th. This time home has been an experience, to say the least. Nothing. I repeat, nothing, that anyone told me about becoming a parent fully prepared me for this adventure. I think it's one of those things that you can't fully understand until you are doing it.

It can be boring (good thing I like to read as much as I do - because overall daytime TV is junk). It can be exciting (I'm pretty sure that I jumped up and down AND clapped the first time Penelope laughed). It can be every emotion in between. I'm redefining myself, my marriage, my priorities. Heavy stuff when you've got a lot of time to spend by yourself thinking.

I know I'm blessed with a great support system. I've had to lean of them a good bit. Lucky for me Aaron, and everyone else, has been gentle and understanding with me. Old friends, new friends, family have helped me remember that happy mommy = happy baby. I've already come to appreciate that this is a job I can't be perfect at... case in point breastfeeding... but I can be good at.

Penelope is funny. She sucks her thumb, she talks to the dogs, she wiggles on her changing table. She's already so different from that little creature we brought home in February. To think of the changes ahead just before her next birthday staggers me. I'm doing my best to enjoy this time with her, because mom was right, "They grow up so fast!"
Maybe it's a matter of redefining "perfect" - I'm pretty sure Ms. P thinks you are!
Is there such a thing as "perfect" when breastfeeding? Being good at it is more then I can say for myself.

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coming out of the fog
I think I'm beginning to get a handle on this mommy thing. The supreme tiredness and overwhelmingness (is that a word?) of the first month is over, and I feel sort of like a human again. It helps that Penelope smiles now, which is really cute (but hard to capture on camera... I'm trying!) And.. as another mom recently described it, I don't feel quite so physically trapped under an 8 pound baby anymore (she's feeding a little less often).

I've been trying to follow the sage advise of the mommy posse and getting out and about. After a rough start to last week (the weather was way too cold and yucky for outings with a 1 month old - snow in March in NC), I've had an upswing with outings to parks and homes and stores and the doctor. Today was lunch with some work friends at an Indian buffet, then a visit to the office to show off the little pea pod. Tomorrow is a walk with a new mommy friend in her neighborhood.

Penelope is now about 8.5 pounds, and developing fat rolls on her arms and legs. Sunday Aaron was home all day, so he was able to give her a bottle. Meanwhile I went to the grocery store alone which weird but healthy for me. I've signed us up for a class called salsa babies ( as a little activity. We start in two weeks. This is right around the time that Aaron should stop working 6 days a week, so we can have better family time.

Thanks to everyone for the support, advise and kind words. (gotta love a good support network - it takes a village, right?)
motherhood part 1
I have a waist again, but haven't attempted any clothing that isn't stretchy on the bottom. I can sleep on my side again, which is progress! I'm learning to become better at reading one handed, but know I need to select light, small books.

"They" say you are supposed to sleep when the baby sleeps, but I'm finding this hard to do during daylight. Penelope was a slave driver all morning, wanting to eat, eat, eat, and then eat some more. I finally made it downstairs (showered) just in time for lunch. Clearly she is in charge here!

I'm hoping to get both of us out for a walk this afternoon (daylight = good; to teach Penelope about day time). I can't walk the pups with her just yet, as Otis is not well behaved when passing other dogs (so exciting, those other dogs), and I'm not physically up to wrestling a 40 lb dog while holding a second 40 lb dog and either driving the baby carriage or having the baby in a sling/carrier on my chest.

She's tending to sleep a good stretch at night at present (4 or more hours straight) but I'm learning not to count on consistency when it come to this wee one. Her hands are perfect, and her little mouth looks just like a cupid's bow. She likes to sleep with her legs curled up. She frowns like Aaron.
Yay, your first mommy blog! That all sounds about right. I could never figure out the "nap when the baby naps" thing either. Good in concept, hard in practice! Oh, random request... you guys need to change your About section to include P (and O, while you're at it)!

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