Aaron and I are pretty sure that Penelope is finally popping her first tooth! We actually feel a sharp edge on the bottom.

In honor of her birthday, we started a new photo page on Zenfolio. It's Penelope - Age 1. You can still back out a level and get to all the photos from last year. Enjoy!!
Let them eat CAKE
While in NJ this past weekend, we gave P a preview of the fun to be had with high fructose corn syrup and cake. I think she enjoyed it!

"Video currently unavailable" :( Same for "sea legs". I"m looking forward to watching. :)
Sugar is good for her, she seems to love it. She looks great and wears her orange so well. Jeanne

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Sea Legs
She's getting some sea legs! She'll walk forever with our hands like this, and sometimes with just one hand... but try to get her to go on her own, and she'll stand by herself, smile, then squat back down and crawl over to you for a visit!

New Guys
So much to explore.... so little time!

Good dog!
I think this relationship will work out just fine!

What are you listening too? It sounds very cool.

Your favorite 11 year old niece,(because Dennis is most definitly a boy)
Animals always amaze me with their tolerance for small children. Good dog.

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