Ryan's Juggling Page

I have been juggling for about 9 years or so. I started out juggling a couple old Koosh balls (remember those?!) when I was about 10, and progressed from there. I really got into the whole juggling thing a couple of years ago when, in 11th grade I had a free hour in the middle of the school day. It wasn't worth it to go home, so I just stayed at school and juggled in the hallways. Sure, I got in trouble almost on a daily basis for distracting entire classes, but at least I got some good, daily juggling practice. This led to the first-ever (as far as I know) school-wide ban on Juggling (in 12th grade, I was no longer allowed to do it, but being the rebellious bad-boy I am, I did it anyway.)

I got my first set of juggling clubs (Juggle Bug) that christmas.

From there, I went on to devil sticks:

I really had fun doing those. I took them everywhere I went so that I could practice. One time, I took them to the beach and all of a sudden, this big group of kids gathered around me. Aside from this giving me an over-inflated ego, it let me know that I was doing pretty well. I even took my devil sticks to Germany with me for the summer after my junior year when I went there for a student exchange program. Unfortunately, my sticks were totally destroyed during an unfortunate and accidental incident there. As soon as I got back, I set out to get another set. I finally bought a set of Sunshine Creations sticks in August of 1995. These are the ones I still use. Since then, I have gotten to be pretty good with the sticks.

My next juggling chalange was flaming torches.I got those in June of 1995, for my birthday. At first, I was quite apprehensive about trying them, but later that night that I got them, I was juggling 3 flaming torches. It really wasn't any different from regular clubs.

After that I got a flaming devil stick. That was just like doing my old, first set of devil sticks, although I did have to get used to them again.

For Christmas 1996, I got some juggling knives and a unicycle. I can already do the knives, but I haven't gotten the hang of the unicycle, yet. I also bought a training unicycle (it has one big wheel, and two smaller wheels). I can ride this one really well, but the larger uni is still really hard. I'd also like to get some flaming balls. (Yeah...cool...FIRE!)

Right now, I can juggle 3 clubs, 3 torches, 3 knives, 3 rings, or 4 balls . I can do a lot of things with the devil sticks. These are my favorite things to just mess around with for hours on end. I can also do a few things with my diabolo.

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