Finding Ireland bookcover

NEW ~ Dirty August

Dirty August is a selection of poems and prose pieces by the late twentieth-century Istanbul poet Edip Cansever, translated into English by Richard and Julia Clare Tillinghast. Richard has also provided an introduction and notes to orient readers who are unfamiliar with Cansever and with Turkish poetry and culture.

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The New Life bookcover

NEW ~ Selected Poems

Selected Poems gathers Richard Tillinghast’s poetry from forty years of publishing. To read more about Selected Poems or to order a copy, please click here.

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A review of Selected Poems

Poetry and What is Real bookcover

NEW ~ Sewanee Poems

Sewanee Poems reprints the 1981 long poem, Sewanee in Ruins, with the 2009 poem of similar length, Sewanee When We Were Young, written for the sesquicentennial of the University of the South, alongside two elegies, one for Ewing Carruthers, Richard’s Sewanee friend who died in 1988, and another elegy for his mentor, the novelist and memoirist Andrew Lytle. The book was sumptuously printed in Gloucestershire by John Grice at the Evergreen Press, using handset type, printed on heavy paper, hand-set and hand-bound in England, each copy individually boxed. The book features lithographic illustrations by Joseph Winkelman.

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Finding Ireland bookcover

Finding Ireland

Most of Finding Ireland is devoted to thoughtful readings of the works of Irish writers and playwrights, including W. B. Yeats, Seamus Heaney, Oscar Wilde, and Brian Friel, as well as lesser-known names that deserve a wider readership.

The New Life bookcover

The New Life

The New Life, which takes its title from Dante’s celebration of courtly love, La Vita Nuova, is a journey through romantic love, the deaths of old friends, the ironies of history, and the losses and epiphanies of a long life of exploration and discovery.

Poetry and What is Real bookcover

Poetry and What is Real was published in 2004.

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Siz Mile Mountain bookcover

Six Mile Mountain was published in August, 2000.

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Read His Days or read a review of the book.

Today in the Cafe Trieste bookcover

Today in the Cafe Trieste, published in 1997, can be purchased from Salmon Publishing.

Read The Button.

A Visit to the Gallery bookcover

A Visit to the Gallery, published in 1997, is a collection of poems by Richard Tillinghast and other University of Michigan faculty inspired by paintings at the University of Michigan Art Museum. Can be purchased from the University of Michigan Press.

Read Tea or listen to Tea as performed by Richard Tillinghast and Poignant Plecostomus.

The Stonecutter's Hand bookcover

The Stonecutter's Hand, published in 1995, can be purchased from Amazon.

Read a review of the book , read Table or listen to Table as performed by Richard Tillinghast and Poignant Plecostomus.

Damaged Grandeur bookcover
Damaged Grandeur, a critical memoir of the life and works of Robert Lowell, was published in 1995 and can be ordered from the University of Michigan Press.
A Quiet Pint in Kinvara bookcover

A Quiet Pint in Kinvara, published in 1991, can be purchased from Salmon Publishing.

Read A Quiet Pint in Kinvara.

Our Flag Was Still There bookcover

Our Flag Was Still There, published in 1984, can be purchased from the Wesleyan University Press.

Read the title poem Our Flag Was Still There.

Sewanee in Ruins bookcover

Sewanee in Ruins, published in 1981, is out of print. However, you may be able to order it from Amazon.

Read Part I of Sewanee in Ruins.

The Knife bookcover

The Knife and Other Poems, published in 1980, is out of print. However, you may be able to order it from Amazon.

Read the title poem The Knife or read a review of the book.

Sleep Watch bookcover

Sleep Watch, published in 1969, is out of print but is available from Richard Tillinghast, for $13.95 including postage and handling. You can E-mail him or it can be ordered from Amazon.

Read Until.



Selected Poems gathers

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