Rulloff murdered his wife Harriet in 1844.

Eph Schutt chased Rulloff to Buffalo shortly after.

Auburn Prison was a model for westering wardens.

The shower replaced flogging as punishment at Auburn.

Rulloff assisted in making a model of A. B. Richmond's invention.

Al Jarvis learned philology in Rulloff's cell.

Billy Dexter got to know Rulloff in Sing Sing Prison.

The murder took place at the rear of the store.

Frederick Merrick was portrayed as a paragon.

Rulloff killed Merrick when the clerk had Jarvis painfully subdued.

Seneca Burrows photographed the drowned burglars.

Rulloff's wealthy brother Rulof, the lumber merchant.

Hic jacet Rulofson

Rulloff's brother W. H. Rulloffson (center), the photographer.

Brother Bill was nationally known.

Sheriff Martin invited local worthies to the hanging.

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