Richard W. Bailey

Professor Emeritus of English Language and Literature
3074 Angell Hall
The University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1045

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In 2002 I was appointed by the Regents as Fred Newton Scott Collegiate Professor of English. There was a wonderful poster (by W. C. Burgard III). Have a look. And here's the lecture too.

Since 2003, I have written short essays titled "Talking about Words" for Michigan Today, an on-line publication of the U-M News and Information service.

Listed below are some topics now actively engaging my attention. If anyone else is also interested in them, I would be delighted to receive e-mail.

For 32 years, I was a trustee of Washtenaw Community College. In 2005, my WCC colleagues astonished me by naming the library in my honor!


Nineteenth-Century English appeared in December 1996 from The University of Michigan Press. This book contains six principal chapters: writing, sound, words, slang, grammar, and voices.

In 2002, Duke University Press published Milestones in the History of English in America, a publication of the American Dialect Society. This volume, organized with my editorial labor, brings to a new generation the wonderful scholarship of Allen Walker Read.

I have written a biography of Edward H. Rulloff (1821 -1871), philologist and murderer, and you can see some vivid pictures from his life by clicking on his name at the beginning of this sentence.. The book was published by the University of Michigan Press in August 2003: Rogue Scholar: The Sinister Life and Celebrated Death of Edward H. Rulloff. Click on the link for more information.

In October 2006, my co-editors and I completed the Chronicle of Henry Machyn, a sixteenth-century London merchant.

In March 2004, I gave the Schick Memorial Lecture at Indiana State University: "Standardizing the Heartland".

Current projects include writing about the history of American English.

In 2005 I was named a Fellow of the Dictionary Society of North America.

I was President of the Guild of Scholars of the Episcopal Church from 2003 to 2009.

Thanks for your interest in this work.