Shelly and Savta Gili in the airport 7-15-98

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Gili Malis, Shelly's grandma from Israel "Savta Gili"
written on 1-29-99

Shelly was our first grandchild. everything about her was a revelation to us, we thought that she was the most gifted child on earth. She expressed herself mostly through her drawing,which showed us that she knew that we loved her very much and appreciated that.

In the summer, when she was 6, she spent a whole month with us ,we enjoyed it so. One day we went together, savta and granddaughter to see the movie "Pocahontes", I did not take my car, we thought that a ride in a nice big bus would be a treat for her. And so it was, she walked up and down the bus, chose a place to seat and was all excited for a new adventure. The bus drove slowly through Dizingoff street and we did some window shopping, Shelly admired the things displayed, suddenly she started to read the signs, in Hebrew, I was thrilled, here she was not yet in first grade and she is actually reading. That day was one of my most happy days, Shelly so vivacious and happy, made me so proud.

Shelly and Savta Gili watch TV summer 1993

Being grandparents. We love our grandchildren for themselves mostly, but also as the children of our children. I watched Howard and Ruti parenting Shelly, taking care of her as a baby and then as a little girl, I looked at their faces as they looked at her with over joy and pride. ...and then I saw their gray faces when we were loosing her I could not stand it..

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