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Rivka Siden --Although not a true blood relation, Rivka is part of our family.
written on 2-17-99

I remember, one night, eating a Chinese dinner at the Volks. In the midst of the conversation I poked Howard in the ribs and pointed to the rice. Howard understood immediately, passed the rice to me, and we continued with our lively conversation. Sitting silently for a few minute, all of the sudden Shelly said: "Rivka forgot her manners! she DID NOT say please." Well, of course, Shelly was always so polite and so appropriate, but also so direct.

On another occasion, Shelly, Y. (my son) and I were driving to our favorite arts and crafts store. From the front seat I overheard the conversation of the two youngsters sitting in the back Y. and Shelly were "comparing notes" about medical treatments. Shelly was bragging about radiation treatments and MRIs and Y. boasted about a recent X-ray of his chest. I was stunned by her casual attitude to the tedious and unpleasant procedures. I was moved by her innocence, optimism, and courage.

I remember Shelly in so many ways.

Riding on Ruti's knee at 6 months old and laughing so hard;

Swimming in Independence Lake during our summer picnics;

Swinging in Gallop Park...playing in the sand;

Learning how to ride the bike;

Playing with Y. in our home, at her home;

Competing with Y.;

Working together on hats and shirts;

Reading Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books together;

I will never forget the rascally smile, the loud laugh, the funny faces...the twinkle in the eyes;

Shelly loved her strawberry outfit. Summer 1997

I will never forget you Shelly; life will never be the same!

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